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About Us

Old Time Speed was established by Terry Wills and Keith Sutton in Melbourne, Australia to fill the gaps left by vintage speed equipment no longer in production. New parts are constantly being added to the list, with aluminium castings being the prominent line. Quality is the main criteria, and the castings are world class. Flathead V8's and Model A/B engines are the main focus, along with period engine accessories.


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Australian Head Office

Keith Sutton  0408 289302 

Unit 1/1 Northern Road

Heidelberg West 3081

Terry Wills - Dec

USA Distributor

Roadster Supply Company

8363 Standustrial Street 

Stanton, Ca 90680  

714 583-4118

New Zealand Distributor

Redneck Speed Shop

29 Maze Road RD12

Pleasant Point  7982

022 132 1286

Canadian Distributor

Dons Radiators

3220 12th Ave North

Lethbridge, Alberta 

403 329-6969 

European Distributor

Old N Speed
Tommarpsvagen 159
231 66 Trelleborg Sweden

467 3060-0450

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