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Old Time Speed was established by Terry Wills and Keith Sutton in Melbourne, Australia to fill the gaps left by vintage speed equipment no longer in production. New parts are constantly being added to the list, with aluminium castings being the prominent line. Quality is the main criteria, and the castings are world class. Flathead V8's and Model A/B engines are the main focus, along with period engine accessories.


Australian Head Office

Keith Sutton

0408 289302   classic@netspace.net.au 


Terry Wills - Dec.

USA Distributors                                               Canadian Distributor                


Jerry Hopkins  (903) 875 9557                    Don Soenen  dritd1@telus.net

texasfordman@gmail.com                          (403) 329-3919  Cell

                                                                              (403) 394-6668

 SoCal Roadster Supply                              

 raymroadstersupply@gmail.com            New Zealand Distributor                                         (714) 583-4118   Stanton, Ca 90680        Geraldine Auto Restorations                                                                                                               workshop@geraldineautorestorations.co.nz                                                                                 +64 3 693-1401                                                                                                                                     

Factory 1 / 1 Northern Road West Heidelberg 3081

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